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Company Strategy

In the first 24 to 48 months, Robileware will concentrate efforts on its core application MORIS. MORIS will allow the company to target the three main components of the retail supply chain; retailers, manufacturers, and consumers. It’s retailer focus will be geared toward providing various innovative retailer technologies that will aid small retailers in their quest to compete in the digital marketplace.

Robileware will also strive to become true innovators when it comes to aiding the small manufacturers as well. By providing innovative retail technologies that allow manufacturers to interact consistently at the point of purchase, this will prove to be a staple of the company’s success.

Robileware’s primary strategy is of course identifying new innovations in mobile technologies that will aid the retail industry. The MORIS Consumer Mobile Application is one of those applications. Robileware will continue to further innovate mobile retail technologies for retailers, manufacturers, and consumers by providing them with ground-breaking mobile technologies that will bring retail to the forefront.