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Corporate Responsibility


Technology companies that provide free software applications to its customers often are able to do so by offering their customers’ information for sale. Often times this is an absolute necessity for many of these companies to survive. At Robileware, we take pride in maintaining the privacy of our customers. Our goal is to continue to hold our customers’ privacy to a high standard. Although we may offer generalized information about the usage of our applications, individual identities are often withheld as a part of our services.

Diversity and Inclusion

We here at Robileware believe that technology transcends all race, economic and cultural bounds. The technologies we create are not affected by the personal backgrounds of their creators. This is why we strive to mimic our technologies when it comes to Diversity and Inclusion. Our goal is to strive to lift those barriers that often prevent individuals from diverse backgrounds to come together to create something that is truly innovative.

Workplace Equality

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes every employee in the workplace to raise a great company. We here at Robileware understand that our true success will come from every member our corporate family working together. This can only be accomplished when every member of that family is treated fairly and is given the same opportunities to strive.