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An Adobe analysis states that the final figures from Black Friday in 2017 show that over $2 Billion in sales were made via mobile phones. Although this is surprising, what is not surprising is that a significant number of small businesses did not have the opportunity to contribute to that number. This was caused by small retailers not having the ability to compete in the mobile app arena with their larger competitors.

MORIS gives small to mid-sized retailers the power of a mobile app with the functionality of apps created by their larger competitors for a small monthly fee. With the benefits listed below, retailers can now use MORIS to aid in growing their business.

Benefits of MORIS Retailer

Reach potential customers
with your own mobile app

No need to invest thousands of dollars in the creation and maintenance of a mobile app. Now for a small monthly fee, you can create and maintain your own mobile app within the MORIS Network™ to reach present and potential customers.

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Create custom coupons
to increase new & returning customers

No more contacting third party companies to create and distribute coupons for your business. MORIS empowers you to take control over when, where and how your coupons are distributed.

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Become a Favorite Store
to communicate directly with customers

With the MORIS "Favorite Store" feature you can notify your customers instantaneously of any present or upcoming sales and promotions for your business.

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Offer rewards
to your loyal customers

MORIS can track your loyal customers, the products they buy, and provide you a way to reward those customers through your own customizable Reward Center.

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MORIS Retailer web application COMING SOON!