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Robileware Launches New Corporate Website

Today, Robileware LLC is proud to announce the launch of their new corporate website. “It has been a long-time coming!”, says Keith Howard, the Founder and CEO of the company. “After many years of product research and development, we are finally nearing the launch of our Mobile Retail Information System (MORIS) software and are poised to be able to highlight this launch on our website.”

Robileware’s corporate website has been designed to give visitors a brief introduction to the company, its products, and its values. The company plans to make frequent updates to this website to not only update visitors on the status of MORIS, but to also inform users of the outcomes pertaining to the implementation of the company’s initial launch strategies. The management at Robileware hopes that the website will play an important role in generating the excitement about what is presenting happening with the company and what is yet to come!

May 3, 2018

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