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The most innovative feature of MORIS is its manufacturer integration. Often manufacturers are left to rely on retailers to properly communicate deals and product information at the point of sale.

MORIS gives manufacturers their own Manufacturer Portal, which closely resembles that of the retailer portal, that not only allows them to take control of their product information that is seen by consumers in the MORIS application, they also have the ability to create and distribute coupons that can be immediately redeemed at a participating MORIS Retailer.

Benefits of MORIS Manufacturer

Reach potential customers
through the MORIS Network™

Because MORIS combines all product categories into one application, finding new customers for your product(s) becomes easier than ever. Simply list your products in the MORIS Marketplace, along with your incentive to buy, then customers will be directed to the retailer that will allow them to take advantage of the savings.

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Create custom coupons
to drive retail & online sales

Creating and distributing coupons to entice consumers to try your products has always been a challenge, especially for new manufacturers. Now with MORIS you can easily create coupons and distribute them instantly throughout the MORIS Network™.

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Become a Favorite Product
to communicate directly with consumers

Getting consumers to try your product is one thing, creating return business is another. Within the MORIS mobile app, consumers can select your product as a favorite. You can then send them periodic deals to keep them coming back.

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Introduce new products
to consumers in your target markets

The only thing tougher than developing a new and innovative product, is trying to sell it. Often times you’re at the mercy of retailers to communicate what’s special about your product. With MORIS, you take control of what consumers see and read about your product through the MORIS mobile application.

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MORIS Manufacturer web application COMING SOON!