Woman holding a mobile phone and shopping bags
MORIS Consumer logo

The glue that holds the fabric of MORIS is the consumer. We here at Robileware understand that it is the consumer that drives the retail industry. This is why we have put the power of retail in the palm of their hands.

MORIS provides a FREE mobile app to all consumers that will allow them to compare deals and pricing from smaller retailers in their area to the larger retailers they often frequent. They will also have the ability to receive coupons directly from the manufacturers of their favorite products that can be used immediately at the point of purchase. All of this is accomplished in a mobile impressive way.

Consumer Dashboard

The Dashboard allows the consumer to track their favorite stores, favorite products, and price alerts all from their own custom dashboard. They will have the ability to instantly view deals that are happening right now by simply clicking the appropriate panel to reveal their personal deals.

Smart phone showing the MORIS Consumer dashboard

MORIS Marketplace

The Marketplace works differently from the Dashboard. While the Dashboard allows consumers to only view their favorite products and retailers, the Marketplace allows the consumer to browse categories and stores to find the best deals on items they want to buy. These items and/or stores can be marked as a favorite. In addition, item coupons can be placed in the consumer's code cart, which allows them to use the coupons immediately at a participating MORIS retailer.

Smart phone showing the MORIS Consumer Marketplace
MORIS Consumer mobile app COMING SOON!